About Us

Coaching sports at any level is a serious challenge. So why are there so few training courses, if any, provided for coaches as they begin their new and exciting careers? Are these new coaches simply left to find their way through trial-and-error, or is there a better way? was created in order to fill this gap by providing quality, real-world training to coaches who aren’t satisfied doing what everyone else has done in the past. The purpose of this program is to work with people who want to insure that their career is built on a solid foundation of experience, wisdom, and factual information. Join to bring a brighter future to the game you love and your athletes.


In-service is available to speak at any school, conference, or group in-service.  Our curriculum can be tailored to your groups specific needs, or we can provide a general overview of the responsibilities of coaches within a school setting.  Our presentation can meet the needs of young coaches of any sport.  Imagine having all your new coaches being brought up to speed on the best practices of the coaching profession in just a few hours.


The webinars are an opportunity for people outside the Tulsa area to come together in the interest of being more prepared, and better equipped as a young coach.  These webinars will be held periodically, and will be publicized through the website, social media, and the newsletter and podcast.  So join our mailing list today for updates on future events.


Individual mentoring is an ideal option for any young coach who finds themselves in their first head coaching position and may not feel comfortable leading a program.  This package includes weekly communication with me via phone, email, or Skype, a monthly in-person meeting during the season, and additional support and resources as needed. was created out of the desire to be personally involved with the development of young coaches.


Rick Holmes is one of those rare coaches that GET IT. He understands the big picture of things necessary to be a coach, but also envisions the little things it takes to be a successful coach. His attention to detail and unquenching thirst to continue learning separate him from so many of the coaches in our profession today.

Mike Neighbors
University of Washington

First and foremost, Rick is a true servant. He has figured it out early in life that helping others reach their goals and feel good about themselves is something that we all should be about, but few do. He has committed himself to consistently improving as a person, father, friend, husband and coach and everyone around him is better because of it. Rick is a consummate team first example.

Clay Martin
Jenks High School

Rick Holmes is a one-of-a-kind coach. Not only does he know the game of basketball and how to win, he sees the bigger picture. He cares. He will pour out time and energy to better his athletes and even other coaches. Personally, I couldn’t ask for a better coaching mentor. His advice and wisdom has gotten me through so much as a new coach. He has a heart to help new coaches be successful and it is because of that, that I am still coaching today and plan on having a long, successful coaching career ahead.

Katie Thomas
Bishop Kelley High School