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Krossover Film Breakdown Service

Krossover is a film breakdown service that is helping teams all over the country win more games. We stat every possession that takes place in a game and make it instantly searchable to create reels to share with anyone you choose.

We cut every single possession into its own video clip for you, which we then tag with player and event information — so you can see exactly what happened and who was involved. You don’t have to worry about cutting up the film and stating anymore. We’ll do it for you!

  • We save coaches an average of 4 hours and 43 minutes per week over your current process.
  • We extract stats straight from your film, giving you a box score, shooting distribution, and advanced analytics.
  • SHOT CHART: We create an interactive shot chart that plots all of the x’s and o’s for both teams, can be filtered by specific players, and allows you to click on any shot to watch the corresponding video.

Thousands of teams across the country have experienced the Krossover difference, from middle school teams to professional teams. There are packages for everyone, and starting at $400 it is extremely affordable as well.

I have used it with my high school team for the past 3 years and the amount of time it saves our staff every week is invaluable.

Contact me at 405-659-4836 or to see a quick demo, or to answer any questions you have.

Aaron Toler
Bethany High School
Oklahoma Crossover Sales Rep.

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